Above: The Puli picnic!


Above: Loki and his best mate! and Right: Elsa celebrates her first birthday with Sally & Danny!

Above: Cookie celebrates her 2nd birthday!


Above: Zak going out for his new favourite hobby - carting - with his Bouvier friend Gus!

Above: Update from Loki - relaxing at the park; and Right: Cooper can never have too many toys, can you Coop?

Above: Puli friends; and Right: Cooper celebrates his first birthday with proud owners Grit and Stefan.


Above: Update from Scooter - life is good! and Right: Zappa has a cuddle with Dean.


Above: Matte and Nique enjoy some Perth sunshine.

Above: Matte at the beach.

Above: Kormos celebrates his birthday with 'his girls''; and Right: Kormos and the girls get ready for Christmas in 2011!


Above: Cookie and her pal Brodie enjoy a summer romp! and Right: Zappa the Christmas Puli!


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