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Puli Sites From Around the World

Arankas Puli Sweden

Akerby Puli Sweden

Belrob Acres Puli USA

 Black 'n' Blues Puli Denmark

Bowmaker Puli USA

 Bubbleton Puli Denmark

Cseri-Subas Puli Hungary

DinMar Pulis Netherlands

Hamzabagi-Cimboram Puli Hungary

Heartwell Puli USA

Immerzu Puli Canada

Kennel Impeccable Puli Sweden

Kookiboo Pulis Scotland

Kiskoras Puli UK

Macadam Puli Italy

Mamaros Puli Denmark

Midseamanors Puli Netherlands

Moonshadow Puli USA

 Mournebrake Puli UK

Pepuli Puli UK

Prydain Puli USA

Puliarf Puli USA

Pusztai Puli Norway

Rackaorzo Puli Hungary

 Rockisland Puli Scotland

Rosenhjorth Puli Norway 

Szeder Puli USA

Szentmihalyi-Szabo Puli Hungary

Toby and Terry Puli Belgium

Tyngeli Puli UK

Vajani Puli Hungary

Weetoneon Puli UK

Zaydah Puli UK


Hungarian Puli Email Lists

The following email groups are a great resource for people interested in learning more about the Puli and meeting Puli people from all over the world.

New Natural Puli

 Global Puli


Friends of Rustufarion Pulis

Tullaview Kennels - Border Collies & Pulis.

Wendy, Jim and Kormos the Puli - Kormos is a Puli bred by Rustufarion Pulis and adored by Wendy & Jim.

 Rufus the Hungarian Puli - Rufus was bred by Rustufarion Pulis and owns Damian & Sharon


ADVANCE Pet Nutrition - Rustufarion are proudly ADVANCE Ambassadors.


Puli Clubs, Kennel Associations & Dog Sites

 Puli Club of America USA

NSW Canine Council Australia

Australian National Kennel Council

American Kennel Club - Puli

Hungarian Kennel Club

German Puli Club

Dogz Online Australia

Dogs 4 Sale Australia

Dogsites Australia

National Dog Ringleader Australia

Next Day Pets

Dog Club UK


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